Women Empowerment Program (WEP)

The projection on the occurring target achievement sight is known as Balochistan, which has Provincial status in Pakistan, is called Province Balochistan. The status has Governor; Chief Minister in respect of Provincial Assembly with the Balochistan assembly is the unicameral (single chamber) legislature of the province of Balochistan. It was set up by

Article 106 of the Constitution of the Pakistan. The Assembly has 51 directly elected Members of the Provincial Assembly, representing constituencies from each district, as well as 11 seats reserved for women and 3 for non-Muslims. It was made by NAP president Khan Abdul Wali khan by merging the British and union of states Balochistan into each other in 1970.The Time zone of Balochistan is PKT (UTC+5) and calculated region is 347,190 km2 (134,050 sq mi). The languages which are spoken regionally are, Balochi, Urdu, Pushtoo and Brhavi. The No of Districts are active (32) and 86 Union Councils are working for the enhancement of grass root level.

Baluchistan is the largest province of Pakistan and it is in seismic zone to known as disastrous region of the country, hit different districts of Balochistan which is increasing venerability’s of communities, because the habitants of Balochistan depends on agriculture and livestock as a source of income so due to frequent disasters they lose their resources; therefore, made them count in under the poverty line.

Balochistan has rich and beautiful culture, the women of Balochistan has indigenous Balochi embroidery and korashia skills besides they only use it as culture possession but this Unique, beautiful skill can be alternative source of income for women at their household level but lack of technically assistance and guidelines these skills are not being promoted as source of income or prevention of culture.

Women empowerment & livelihood project is symbol of empowerment for women on household as well community level. It's programming in order to support women to know their basic rights, use their talent, and practice their knowledge for improving the quality of life.

The goal of this project is empower women through education and skills for creating a better world Moreover, the objectives are to Raise women awareness about their due rights through forums and awareness raising sessions, Provide poor and vulnerable women skill building opportunities in order to empower them and contribute to their livelihood options and To prevent indigenous skills culture of indigenize communities

This project is self-initiative of MERC from June 2014 .it is 2 years long term project to benefit 120 women in three district of Balochistan ( Quetta ,Khuzdar and Naseerabad ) where women are to be have awareness session on Human rights, health &hygiene, women rights, 1st aid, conflict resolution enterprise developing, designing, products making in modern way.

In result of this project 120 women will be trained on basic human rights. Product making, enterprise development and marketing, 120 women will be able to initiative their own small bossiness as alternative source of income, will be able to take decisions on their household as well as community level, and most important violence against women will be less.